Starting a business is tough. But running it successfully is much tougher. 

According to SBA estimates, around 62700 new businesses start every year.

The sad thing is only 80 percent make it to the second year. And 50% call it quit within 5 years of being in the business.

I don’t want your business to face similar catastrophe. So, I want to give you 5 proven strategies that will certainly bring customers and sales for your business

Door to Door Selling

Now before you start bashing me. Just hear me out! yes we can this the grandpa tactics. But hey it works!

If you run a small business that sells solar panels or any home related stuffs, door to door selling really does work. In this method you go one step ahead by not only selling your message but also broadcast the practical benefits of having them.

Search Engine Optimization

This is my personal favorite and I’m a big advocate of SEO. Why? Because it simply works. Unlike paid traffic which has to go through distinctive modules of filtration to find prospects, SEO brings traffic that wants you. 

In simpler terms, SEO brings you people that are looking for your business so they are genuinely good traffic. These are the traffic that needs less scanning and gets right inside the sales funnel. This method is all about targeting your major keywords which are simply words that define your business.

For instance, if you own Taxi and Limousine company in Minneapolis, keywords can be Limo service Minneapolis, airport taxi MN, and similar to them. This is what you get when someone search for a certain keyword.

SEO search

These are the organic searches and its potential is sky limit if you can just stay in top 3.

SEO is something you can learn on your own. However, I suggest you take a different approach of hiring an expert rather than trying to be an expert yourself. And, focus on your business that you hold the expertise at. Don’t try to swim with the sharks when you don’t even know how to swim.

Google Adwords

This can be your easy fix and the quickest way to gain customers. But you have to be careful with adwords because it’s also one of the best ways to lose your greens easily.

Adwords is the advertising platform owned by Google that lets you bid for keywords. It’s basically on pay per click methodology, so you pay for the clicks.

This is a perfect example of how Google shows your ads.

ads in google


You simply bid for the keywords that you believe your customers are going to search when they are looking for your services.

If you are going to try it out, you need to sign up at Google Adwords platform. Get familiar with familiar features like Keyword Planner that lets you know the Cost per click and search volume of the keywords you are bidding for. The adwords ranking system works on quality score. It’s simply a score Google gives you on the basis of relevancy, click through rate, and landing page experience. 

Social Media Marketing

According to a research, about 50% of small business owners invest on social media marketing. This is probably the best indicator why the other half should do it as well. Social media like Facebook and Instagram could be the optimal platform your business needs to get a head start. 

And unlike Adwords, creating ads on Facebook is straight forward. Once you sign up, you will be given three options to choose from, awareness, consideration, and conversion.

social media marketing

You can then set the demographics of your target audience and the budget. Voila! You are good to go.

This 4 strategies are proven tactics to get traffic to your business. However, SEO and Adwords does require you to have a website. Website is your brand and let a web design specialist handle it. So it can do the talking for you!


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