10 things you must know

You have probably read about or heard about why your business needs to have a website. You might already be sold to the idea of having a stunning website for your own business.

So, now what? Where do you start?

Every blog will tell you the same answer; find yourself the best web developer and learn with them. When you research online about these web design agencies, you will find a lot of options to choose from.

So, the question remains among these mass of agencies and freelance developers who will be the best one for your business.

Here are 10 simple things to consider before going for a web designer.

1. Research about what they can offer

One of the first things to consider while hiring a web design agency is to research their past work portfolios. Agencies that are proud of their creations often like to show and market their ideas through the success of their previous works. These past works are regarded as their trophy and most agencies like to brag about it on their own website or social media.

But just having a beautiful website without being able to be client-oriented won’t work too. Since, most of the agencies follow a somewhat similar pattern while developing a website, scanning through portfolios will help you to know what development process a website might go through. The portfolio of a web design agency might be able to showcase its diverse and versatile range of work that could be appealing to different people with a different set of interests.

So, check out all of their portfolios and choose a web design agency that seems to be providing what you wish your website to have.

2. Trustworthy

Since the boom of the internet and easy access to information, it is almost impossible for any online company to keep any information from its users. Users are transparent toward what the brand represents, their product and services and management of customer relationships. What this has done is made users more capable to decide who they want to trust.

One can easily check the credibility of a web design agency through testimonials, certifications, awards, and recognitions. You should make a thorough research regarding past transactions and different post-service feedbacks regarding the overall procedure. This helps in knowing the pros and cons of doing business with that specific web design agency. Since you will be spending a lot of effort and money on the website, you need to choose an agency that is more transparent about their work and are trustworthy.

3. Know their expertise

Overall every web design company promises to deliver somewhat, the same level of service and quality design website for your business. But, not all companies will be an expert in every aspect of the development of the website. Your needs and demand for your website will shortlist the web design agencies that are best for you.
First, determine what are the features that your website need to have which will resonate your with business as well. Then, carefully choose the agency that carries that specific set of skills which will help in meeting your demand requirements. You mostly want to look out for companies that deals with premium level of web development, web hosting and essential search engine optimization(SEO) and digital marketing.

4. Find a common ground for both your and the agency’s idea

You know about your business more than anyone. Only you know who your customers are and what preferences they might have. Because of this, your set of requirements for your website might be different than others. You need to find a web design agency that will listen to all the thoughtful ideas regarding what could be done to create a more user-friendly website.

While you might be very knowledgeful about what your business is supposed to promise to its customers, the area of website design is still the expertise of the web design agencies. They need to listen to your ideas patiently but should not fulfill every demand without putting their own input into the development process. They must be able to bring out different original ideas that could help the business to have an even better online presence.

So, you must be able to choose an agency that will not only listen to your ideas but also try to incorporate these ideas into their own original ones too.

5. Knowledge about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by growing the visibility of the website. As of now, every business is more or less connected with the online market. This increases the level of competition for your business too. So, the importance of SEO is immense.

Always look out for the agency that prioritizes the need for SEO and effectively applies to all of their clients’ work. Web design agencies might be growing visibility through organic or paid results. But whatever approach they carry on, they must be able to handle like an expert in it.

6. Presence of Quality Copywriters

Investing in good quality copywriters is one of the best decisions a business with new websites can make. While a stunning design will attract its customers, a quality copy will help you sell. Your content will be the first thing that will converse with your customer and this will decide if they want to continue their relationship or not.

Many well-known and experienced web design agencies tend to hire copywriters who will write the needed content for their clients that will support your business’s promises and improve your brand value. Professional looking contents with appropriate amount of keywords will help your SEO expert to better rank your websites too.

7. Support and Maintenance

For better website creation, there must be continuous communication between the web design agency and the client. The way agencies treat their customers will impact their perspective on the whole development procedure.

The main issues about websites do not often happen during the production process but rather after the website is made live. Since websites work in an environment that is constantly affected by the changes and upgrades in technology trends, even small changes can bring a lot of glitches on the functionality of the website. Because of this, you must always select a web design agency that will provide continuous support.

Support can be of different forms like hosting, domain management, email management, management or upgrade of contents or adding new features or security to your website. An agency must be ready to make needed changes and solve ongoing issues regarding the websites. While support and maintenance is not free for sure, it is rather better for you to choose an agency that promises better support.

8. Check Out Their Blogs and social media

Good web design agencies have a much larger presence in blogs and social media. Through their blogs, they will be able to share knowledge regarding different basic and new trendy things happening in the industry. Check out the consistency of their blogs and see how dedicated they are for their own products. This will show how your website will be handled by them too.

Social media is another platform that has become a place for different web design agencies to market themselves and their work portfolio. Since almost every other person and business is connected through one form of social media, agencies who do not prioritize social media presence will never know the power of social media marketing.

So, go through their social media and blogs and learn more about how they see the market around them and how they are making themselves marketable too.

9. Check Their Online Reviews

One of the traits that human beings possess is their fondness towards the things that are positively viewed by the general audience. Due to the existence of different online communities and forums, it is very easy to access the reviews regarding different agencies too. A lot of these online reviews are very detailed to the core. They give useful insights regarding how the company treats its clients, their development process, support and maintenance and many more.

Since these reviews are the personal perception of the company’s service, it could vary from people to people. Also, there is no shortage of people trying to defame good agencies by spreading false rumors and bot commentors who just comment good reviews. It is better to only acknowledge those reviews that seem very genuine.

10. Cost

Lastly, you also need to consider before choosing your web designer is your cost budget. Since, building a website is a one time cost with perhaps some added hosting and support cost, investing in it must not be such a hard thing to think about. Getting your business a website will help you to market yourself better. While selecting from a number of web design agencies, cost should be the last thing that you should be worried about. In search of a low cost, you might end up hiring a web designer with a low level of expertise and performance.

When you have a tight budget, it is rather hard to find an appropriate web design agency. You need to be patient and discuss with multiple agencies and try to match your requirements with the cost offered by the agency. Always try to understand what is included in the cost and try to be rational regarding any purchase.

Deciding on having a website for your business is one of the best investment decisions you can make for your business. A website will showcase your products and services while opening doors to better opportunities and intense competition for your business. But nevertheless, it a growing curve for your business that will help to increase the longevity of your business.

So, stay alert and know what you should be seeking out for. Always do detailed research about the agency you are interested in and look for better and quality offers. We hope that this list will help you make better decisions regarding choosing the web design agency best suited for your needs.

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