5 signs your website needs a redesign

How long do you think it takes for audiences to decide to judge your business based on the tour at your website? The answer is “0.5 seconds”.

It’s surprising to know your visitors will not even take a minute to decide whether they like what they see or not. Consumers have many options and they do not have an obligation to go through your business despite having a bad impression about your website at first glance. They can easily surf the internet and find better options than yours.

For businesses, websites are the first thing that helps consumers make an impression. Your website should be able to make an impact on your consumers’ mind. So that the online audiences will turn into your loyal customers.

Simply launching the websites on the web and not making any changes on the website as per need won’t crack any deal to you. Ever wondered why you are not getting many business queries through your website? Have you ever thought the reason they aren’t converting is your website needs an obscure?

Google is very SMART and it uses certain algorithms to judge your website. Your website needs to be up to date that can go hand in hand with the changing algorithms. But, how do you know that it’s time to redesign your website?

Here’s the list of five signs that your website needs a bit of tweaking:

Your website isn’t Mobile Friendly

Google gets more search queries in the USA from the users using mobile devices than from the users browsing from the web on desktops or laptops. Google has claimed that 61% of online users are unlikely to return to a site that’s not mobile-friendly while accessing and other 39% visit to the competitors’ site instead.

Likewise, mobile usability is ranked as the third critical factor to affect your website’s ranking. Google crawls the mobile versions of the websites before the desktop versions.

Also, Google punishes those websites that do not consider mobile browsers. If your website is not mobile-friendly, there are high chances that it won’t appear on the search engine results. Lower-ranking affects the traffic of your website and ultimately your revenue. 

It takes forever to load your website

If your site takes more than two or three seconds to load, then, unfortunately, your website is in trouble. Consumers would leave your site if it takes too long to load and ultimately you will miss your potential consumers.

Multiple factors affect the speed of your website including web servers, bad HTML, too many plugins, file size and images and many more on the list. Most of these issues are related to faulty design either due to a bad developer or your website is outdated. 

Your Website still uses Flash Modules

A few years back, Adobe Flash was something everybody wanted to have on their website. But now, the plugin has itself been outdated and browsers like Google have stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can’t read it, which means it’s horrible for search engine optimization. If you still use Flash on your website, you will only get a website with a slow speed that’s only frustrating for the visitors. 

Outdated Design

Company’s website is the most important factor in determining acceptability. That means poorly designed websites can daunt potential leads away. Further, an outdated design leads people to think your company isn’t following the trend and won’t meet their needs.

Certain indicators that hint your website is relying on an old design like low-quality graphics, visually complicated, irresponsive, navigation problems and so on.

 Don’t let your visitors think your website is an antique piece. Update your site’s design regularly and see the result.

High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate represents the percentage of the users that come to your website and view on a single page without clicking on anything else. High bounce rate is bad if the success of your site depends on visitors viewing more than one pages on the site. If your websites’ bounce rate is high, then it’s time to make some changes.  Changing the content and design of the website can make a difference to some extent.

These signs should never be ignored. Understanding the signs and rectifying it is the solution for a better user experience. As they say, first impression is the last impression. So, if you have the above signs, you should probably get a web agency to work on your site

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