Email marketing is here to stay!

It has been the soul of businesses for over 40 years now. In fact, the number of email users is expected to reach over 5.9 billion this year. 

99% of consumers check their emails every day. And, 59% of respondents believe their purchasing decisions are influenced by marketing emails.

Unlike other form of marketing, emails have a staggering ROI rate of 3800% that has no chance to be toppled anytime soon. With every $1 spent on emails, you can expect a hefty return of $38.

That’s why from the day you start your business, you need to prioritize on building email lists of your prospects. 

Here we go through 10 of the most tried and proven tactics that will grow your lists. 

Create pop-up and add to your website

You can adopt the most common approach i.e, add pop-up to your landing page. However, you have to showcase the valuable information or offer in the pop-up so that the customers are lured to give their email address in order to grab the opportunity you provided. This is where marketers should scratch that part of brain to find the content that customers can’t resist. It should be your best resource that your prospects just can’t resist. 

You can either use pop-up on the start of the customer visit or before leaving your website. You just need to be attentive not to interrupt the user experience with the use of non-relevant pop-ups. Rather, you can guide the customer to take action you want. There are different plugins like Thrive Leads that can help you achieve the pop up seamlessly. 

Start blogging

No matter what type of website you own, blog should be first option to tap into when it comes to traffic generation. The more you have content to your website, the more chance of having high web traffic.

For the matter of fact, your blog is not only limited to invite the subscribers frequently, but also, it adds an opportunity to expose more on various social networks and reach new customers. Just make sure to place a sign up form to the visible side and increase the subscriber list.

At the bottom part of a blog, you can add call-to-action button and encourage the potential customers to share your blog.

Improve the SEO

SEO ultimately talks about the page rank of your website. The highest SEO rank your webpage has, the greatest chance of getting more visitors. Follow these strategies for an effective SEO.

  • Create relevant content

To make your content  SEO friendly, build your content with proper use of right keywords, proper placement of keywords, proper use of bold, italics and heading tags and use of multiple keyword phrases.

  • Revise your content regularly

You need to update the content of your website because visitors always want to keep updated on new feed. So, take your time to revise the content of your webpage on a regular basis to provide updated information to the visitors.

  • Always use ALT-tags

Make sure to use alt tags to the image or video on your webpage. This helps search engine to locate the content of your webpage and increase its page rank.

  • Proper use of Metadata

Metadata is unavoidable content of the webpage. It tells the information that your webpage contains. It is important to update the metadata as the changes of your website. Metadata is added after <head/> tag. You can use Title Metadata, Description Metadata and Keyword Metadata to make your metadata more informative.

  • Add Backlinks

The content of your webpage is not enough to invite visitors. Backlinks that you add in-between will guide the visitors to your landing page ultimately. Backlinks from good ranked sites will be a plus point for the rank advancement. 

For that, you can write and publish a guest article to high ranked website. In the author section, you can add links to the landing page. Also, you can link to the content, relevant to the keyword in your blog and engage the visitor within your webpage and encourage them to subscribe to your site.

Promote content

As you write blogs and have good SEO ranking, you need to promote the content of your site to different platforms. The most prominent way is to post and share on different social media networks. Simply add call-to-action(CTA) button to facebook page, instagram page or in your youtube channel. 

For any newbie business, you can reach your potential niche by online advertising and marketing like display ads, sponsored content or any other way of digital marketing.

Engage the potential customers

As soon as you start gathering the customers email, it’s your job to engage them with the valuable information. You can encourage the readers to leave their comments or their reviews on your service.

You can also host online webinar and spur the subscribers to attend the event by conducting webinar on interesting and meaningful matters. If the event is fruitful enough, it will be shared to more customers which ultimately provides more email list.

Promote online contest

By the use of social media, it has been an easy task to attract new visitors to your landing page. Just create any interesting online content or host a giveaway and ask their email to make them eligible for that. 

Traditional approach

You can set your presence among the customers and build an email list for free either by hosting a local meetup or collect email in stores.

For your store, you can update your billing service to be digitalized and collect email to send it via email. Also, you can start membership program and feature the benefits of having your membership to the potential customers. You can be in touch with them by sending new arrivals or offers available on your store.

Add QR code

QR code is an  offline approach for lead generation. You need to create qr code and add it on different banner ads to create a lead magnet. Link to your landing page or sign up form to the qr code to collect new emails. 

Overall, email list is an asset of the business. The more you expand your reach, the more you get an opportunity to add new subscribers to the email list. That’s why you need to reach out more people yet adding value to them. 

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